A curated list of articles about vaginal breech birth since the TBT

North of England Breech Conference (Sheffield, 2017)
Day 1
Day 2:
  • Andrea Galimberti: Day 2 opening address
  • Anita Hedditch: The Oxford breech service
  • Anke Reitter: The Sachsenhausen breech service (forthcoming)
  • Julia Bodle and Helen Dresner Barnes: The Sheffield breech service (forthcoming)
  • Julia & Harry: A parent's view (forthcoming)
  • Andrea Galimberti: When the birth doesn't go as planned--a manager's perspective (forthcoming)
  • Gail Tully: Breech complications illustrated (forthcoming)
  • Anke Reitter: Upright breech skills & recognizing and managing breech complications (forthcoming)
  • Sophie's story: a complicated breech birth (forthcoming)
  • Andrew Bisits: Intrapartum CTG monitoring in breech presentation (forthcoming)
  • Panel discussion (forthcoming)

First Amsterdam Breech Conference (2016)
Day 1
Day 2

Heads Up! 3rd International Breech Conference: Washington DC, Nov 2012
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Thoughts & Reactions

2011 Vaginal Breech Workshop: Dr. J. Peter O'Neill and Betty-Anne Daviss

2nd International Breech Conference: Ottawa, Oct 2009

Upright/physiological breech
The art of vaginal breech birth on all fours
New study on vaginal breech birth in an upright position
Photos of an upright breech birth
Breech birth online workshop by Maggie Banks
Books on breech birth (book reviews of Maggie Banks's Breech Birth, Woman Wise and Benna Waites's Breech Birth)
A hands-off breech birth
The dance of breech

Breech bans and other controversies
My letter to Glendale Adventist Medical Center (in response to a vaginal breech ban in LA and Atlanta)
Breech ban at Hudson Hospital
Interview with Dr. Stuart J. Fischbein

Breech birth stories
Update on breech mama who was looking for a provider
Breech birth stories
A primip breech birth in Germany
A breech birth in Ottawa
Confidence, competence, and preserving breech birth at home

Research projects, calls for participants
New study: facilitating vaginal breech birth in hospital settings
Did you have a breech baby? Participate in this short survey
Calling all breech mamas

Other posts on breech
Breech updates
Some links to breech-related news in this post
First-time mom looking for in-hospital breech catcher
Seeking breech catchers in Calgary
Pregnancy: month 5 (attending the 3rd international breech conference in D.C.)
Bottom first, naturally: Resurgence of vaginal breech birth in Australia
Breech wishlist
Safely increase vaginal breech rates with a written protocol
Selective vaginal breech delivery at term--still an option
Vaginal breech, ECV, and NRP workshops
Urgent--searching for breech providers in Nova Scotia
Readings on breech birth
Maternal deaths from placenta accreta
News roundup
Review of the documentary "A Breech In The System" by Karin Eckers
Transcript of CBC radio program on breech births
Breech: What to do next? by Robin Guy
More on breech and the SOGC
Canada does a 180!
Belly shot: 33 weeks pregnant with Dio
Musings on breech (Dio's pregnancy)
Midwives and doctors talk about breeches
A simple breech birth criteria


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